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In 1989 we started the realization of the garden on a grassland of about 4000 square meters (1Eng. Acre) surrounded by some trees. The basic design was made in close cooperation with Garden designer Ambrosius. With the choice of plants we made it into a "Plantmans garden". A large variety of less common shrubs and trees are combined with  bulbs and perennials in a landscape style. Due to the large variety there is no specific summit time but, with an eye for details, interesting flowers and nice shapes, colours of leaves can be seen around the seasons.

In addition to the hardy plants in the garden a collection of less hardy plants are held in containers to be kept indoors in the coldest time of the winter. These include a specialization of plants from South African origin, many grown from seeds.

The pictures below give some examples of different views can be seen.



General information 

The garden soil is sandy enriched with some riverclay. Until early last century the river Maas reached this place sometimes. For that  reason the farmhouse has been build an a somewhat higher sandlayer. The soil  ph is about 6. Some Rhododendrons and Acers do reasonably well others like A.japonicum prefer more accid soil. 

The winter of 1997 was the cooldest since 1989 with a minimum of -14 C during a few weeks. That winter Eriobotria japonica and Leycesteria formosa did not survive outdooors however Torreya californica survived very well. Usually the temperature will not go below -10 C during a few days but many winters pass with a minimum of -5 C.  A good number of plants are kept in containers and be taken in the barn in the November - march period.  


In the first years mainly Threes and Shrubs have been planted. Later peranials  have been added selected on with various leave forms and flower color. 


Trees and shrubs (early august)  

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